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Happy New Year 2012


Posted by: Sahasi | September 29, 2011

Green Spaces in Farmers Branch, TX

Farmers Branch is one of the cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area and like most small cities in America I am pretty sure this city is unknown to most people in India. I don’t blame them, there is nothing special to know this city, outside of the metro. For me living in the DFW area I am connected to this city because I found my first job here and also for the vast open spaces that have been created and maintained by the city administration. I am a big fan of open spaces and farmers branch has numerous parks that provide this feature. I am glad I got acquainted with this city. Since Farmers Branch is endowed with water resources almost all parks have a creek or lake inside and that adds to the beauty of the place. Here are some pictures.

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Lake Texoma – A Great Place to Swim

Lake Texoma, sited in Dension county on the border of Texas and Oklahoma is known for its vastness. The sprawling waters of the lake presents such an awesome sight. The Eisenhower State Park from which most people access the lake is known for its rolling green hills and wonderful hiking trails, camping spots and water sports facilities. The only feature I didn’t particularly like is the tiny swimming beach. It is simply too small for the size of the lake. If 50 people were to descend upon the beach then it is gone, too crowded and will be pretty noisy too as it is sited in a cove flanked by cliffs which will cause echos.

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Lake Mineral Wells State Park

I visited Lake Mineral Wells State Park over a year ago, but the vast expanse of water, seemingly unending hiking/ biking trails, the small patch of rock formations continue to invite me to visit the place again. The lake offers numerous opportunities of adventure sports, outdoor activities, camping, and picnicking. It is a complete family friendly location. Now with school, full time job and other engagements I don’t know when I will be able to go there again… let us hope soon in the near future.

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More Images of McKinney Town Lake Recreation Area

Life in old McKinney Sculpture

Sculpture depicts life in old McKinney

Fountain in McKinney Town Lake

Fountain in McKinney Town Lake

Birds in McKinney Town lake

Birds in McKinney Town lake

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McKinney Town Lake Recreation Area

I am of the firm opinion that the Town Lake recreation area is one of the best urban recreational spaces in the city of McKinney. I particularly like the nature trail and the fairly large lake which offers boating, walking trails, and other facilities to people of the community.

Town Lake McKinney

Town Lake McKinney

Wilson Creek runs along...

Town Lake is created alongside to the Wilson Creek

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