Posted by: Sahasi | January 26, 2011

Indian Republic Day 2011

India the greatest nation on Earth

India the greatest nation on Earth

January 26, 2011 is the day India celebrates its 61st anniversary of being a sovereign Republic. This was the same day several decades back our great nation became a modern democracy and inaugurated the constitution. Today as the billion plus people in India celebrate this momentous occasion, there are millions others across the world who celebrate too.

Posted by: Sahasi | January 20, 2011

What happens when cars die…

Heap of Car Bodies

Heap of Car Bodies

The above picture is not that of an accident but deliberately crushed cars that have outlived their utility or died on the road or had been in accidents. Owners of the cars probably got money from insurance companies and parts that could be salvaged have been taken, now it is only plastic and some metal that nobody wants. So these dead bodies wait in the junkyard till it is time to get melted.

Posted by: Sahasi | January 17, 2011

Power Structure!

Posted by: Sahasi | December 16, 2010

Parks and Recreation in Plano

Plano, Texas is one of the beautiful green cities in DFW area. The city has vast sprawling parks and wooded areas for its residents to spend time at and enjoy the ambiance. I recently visited the Bob Woodruff Park and here are some pictures.

Hiking trail in Bob Woodruff Park

Hiking trail in Bob Woodruff Park

Small flowers in the park

Small flowers in the park

Posted by: Sahasi | November 24, 2010

Railroad Memories in America

Railroad Memorial at the Frisco City Hall

Sculpture to celebrate railroads of a bygone era in Frisco

One of the things that Americans have learned to do very well is the art of marketing and packaging. Everything is packaged so well that it could be sold with the least effort. This applies to everything including the history. In the past there were railroads that connected the corners of this vast country but now there are very few railroads. People do tend to hold on to the memories and talk about the good days gone by. Here is one such example of how railroad has been glorified in the form of this sculptural installation at the city hall complex in Frisco, Texas.

Posted by: Sahasi | November 18, 2010

Halloween Decorations add Color

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations @ Frisco City Hall

I captured this image in front of the city hall in Frisco, TX. City governments here put in extra effort to ensure that the local festivals are celebrated and people are encouraged to participate in the cheer.

Posted by: Sahasi | November 16, 2010

Sunrise captured while driving

Yesterday as I drove to college in the easterly direction, I was treated to this sight of a blazing sun rising to mark a new day. I simply could not resist the temptation to capture the scene on my mobile phone and upload the same here… Let me know what you all think…

Blazing red Sun rise - a treat to the eye

Blazing red Sun rise - a treat to the eye

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