Posted by: Sahasi | September 6, 2010

WordPress blogging via voice from the BlackBerry

This is a new experiment I’m trying out with my blackberry headset and the WordPress blog. I wonder how long it will take to train my BlackBerry to accept and understand my voice and use all of the text that I dictate in the e-mail or the blog I would like to post.
This is indeed a cool convenience for everybody who has to access to high technology phones and equally good service providers.
Here in the US of America most of the things that you want is available and will be willing to pay the price. I guess that is one of the methods that the society and the government here is able to control and it’s people. Provide them with a lot of options so they could work for these fantastic gadgets.
This way there will be no politics for integrating on any other undecided aspects of the society. The people will just work hard and forget everything else.



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