Posted by: Sahasi | October 21, 2009

Pictures of American Waterfronts – III

Continuing from where I left off…
I was posting pictures of my visit to California’s water front areas, the Big Basin National Park which presents some of the most stunning view of the ocean. While at Big Basin we also took time off to hike on the Cypress Groove Trail which traverses the cliffs along the ocean. It is a great feeling to watch the waves thunder and collide with the rocky cliffs. The sound of water hitting the rocks and receding back appears like the drum beats of a rock concert. Along the trail there are places where the ocean is completely hidden behind a curtain of trees and suddenly comes into view between rock formations or between two cliffs. There is abundance of wildlife such as deer, seagulls and other herbivores. At least during the day we didn’t see any carnivores like the Cayote or Hyena or Mountain Lion. I guess hikers are safe in this region because the deer and rabbits wouldn’t harm us.

Ocean views along the Cypress Groove Trail at Point Lobos

Stunning Scenery….

Waves crashing into the rocks along the coast

The surf comes in….



  1. I like the composition of the first shot in this series. Nice work.

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