Posted by: Sahasi | October 5, 2009

New Orleans River Views!!!

I was going through the pictures of my recent trip to New Orleans and thought that these river view pictures must be shared with readers of this blog. The river, man made shipping channel and the swamps make this state a naturalists paradise and I sure hope it remains as pristine in habitat for alligators and other wildlife for many centuries to come. For now I would simply say this is one place to enjoy nature, water and aquatic life to the fullest. For adventure lovers there are possibilities for kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing and alligator hunting too.

Strange looking trees by the river

Saprophytes hanging from the trees on the riverside

River with floating plants gets narrower as we get deeper into the swamps

A view of the river

Trees slashed by the lightning

Water hyacinth is a big problem in the US too. Apparently it was brought in from Japan for a show and then it spread like plague in the waterways

Beautiful water body….



  1. southern time so slow
    trees grow beards and water snakes
    into everything

    You did a great job of giving me a mini trip back south. Lovely shots. Thank You and Cheers!

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