Posted by: Sahasi | October 10, 2008

Visiting Space Center Houston

Day before yesterday we visited Space Center Houston, the historic location from where six missions to Moon were launched off. Space Center Houston is an interesting museum not only for kids but for adults as well. The dramatic history of space exploration unfolds through the various exhibits at the Space Center Houston.

I would categorise the museum into three different kinds of places: the interactive exhibits, theaters and the tram tour. There are three theaters: Blastoff theater, Space center theater and Starship gallery, each of which broadcast multimedia presentations on the history and technological innovations in the quest of space. The Astronaut Gallery and NASA Tour are two other sections which are equally interesting and educating.

Here are some pictures of the exhibits at the Space Center. Tomorrow I will post pictures taken while on the tram tour of the NASA campus, including a visit to the historic mission headquarters, rocket workshop and the rocket park.

Rockets on display

A Rocket Engine on display, looks quite interesting!

An exhibit of man on moon

Moon rover – A model of the electric vehicle which was taken to the moon during the second mission

A exhibit of a space station

Exhibit explaining how gravity can be defied

The NASA museum’s main wall


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