Posted by: Sahasi | September 18, 2008

Olivas Adobe, California

During our recent visit to Los Angeles we took a day off to look around and explore the beautiful countryside. One of the places we visited was “Olivas Adobe Historic Park”. According to the information onsite this is the one of the earliest two-storey Adobe (I guess home or abode) in the Santa Clara river valley. Originally built in 1837 and expanded in 1849 by Don Raimundo Olivas, a prosperous cattle rancher. This is a California registered historical landmark. There is nothing special about the home/ building except that it is built of brick, mortar and mud and not wood, foam and shingles.

Fountain at the Entrance to Olivas Adobe

Entrance to Olivas Adobe

Main entrance to Olivas Adobe – Another view

Main entrance to Olivas Adobe – Close up

Antiquated Machinery at the Olivas Adobe
Fuchsia Plant
The fuchsia was planted by the 21st child of the Olivas in 1899 and is recognised by the British Fuchsia Society as the oldest, still flowering Fuchsia plant in the world. This plant belongs to the “Schiller” variety and has flowers with white petals around magenta sepals.
Grape Arbor
The Grape Arbor was apparently planted in 1860s and still bears bunches of purple grapes and we did pluck and taste a couple. They were sweet and juicy. I am definitely impressed by these plants and the way they have been preserved even after a hundred years. Entrance to a Golf Course adjacent to Olivas Adobe



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