Posted by: Sahasi | August 6, 2008

Sights of US-Mexico Border

I had been to Laredo and San Antonio over the weekend. The US-Mexico border is a very busy one, with hundreds of cars and people travelling across daily. Of course typical of US there is intensive security checks to ensure that only legitimate people enter the country. Here are some sights of the road leading out of US into Mexico and the scene at the border.

Road leading to Mexico

Like we have the Gateway of India, here is the Gateway of USA. Don’t take me seriously, I don’t know what this building is about, it located bang on the border.

Another scene on the border, flags of US, Canada and Mexico

People and vehicles in line to enter Mexico

A few miles away in the territory of US is the Texas A&M International University, sited amidst sprawling scrub jungles. One can easily see herds of deer in the grounds of the varsity and as we drove past I saw few and stopped to take pictures. And guess what these deer are not least bit bothered about human presence, they seem to be so used to people photographing them, that they posed for pictures as you can see.

Entrance to TAMIU, Laredo

Deer walking around freely, a treat to the eye

These creatures are not scared and stare directly into the camera


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