Posted by: Sahasi | August 5, 2008

San Antonio sights

Last weekend we visited San Antonio, one of the historical cities in Texas close to the US-Mexican riverine border. The city was formed in late 16th century by the Sapnish who came travelled from Mexico making a headway into north America. The city is set around the river San Antonio, which was perhaps the sole source of drinking water few centuries ago, now the river has shrunk to a few feet wide and has become the venue of cafes, shopping and other commerical activities. We also visited Laredo the border city of the US about 150 miles from here. Will post pictures of Laredo in the next couple of days. Right now you can walk with me across San Antonio and see the sights I saw and plan your holiday to the US.

San Antonio is a happening place full of tourists, like Udaipur, Goa, Jaipur etc in India but without the beach or mountains or deserts. The area is full of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Almost every home in the down town area has a commercial front to it, in the evening they start playing music, selling liquor etc and people come and enjoy themselves. The city has some beautiful architecture, churches, walkways and a few parks. Here are some pictures of my travels.

Gazebo built by Mexican government in a park in San Antonio

Old Market square, San Antonio

Statue in the park in San Antonio

Old Church – San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio

San Antonio district court

River San Antonio around which the river walk shopping area has been created

San Antonio is known for its Christian missions.. there are several old churches here

Another old church in San Antonio

Modern art, sculpture installed in one of the main intersections

Visitors enjoying a boat ride in river walk area in San Antonio


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