Posted by: Sahasi | July 8, 2008

Post disappearance!

I had posted something about the state of Assam and the Bodo movement there. There were couple of pictures of Assam culture and temples in the post too. Now couple of days later I see that the post has been deleted along with the comments associated with it.

I wonder how it was deleted and who deleted it. Looks like someone has hacked into my blog and deleted some content.

I would like to let my imagination run rife and speculate about who are the trouble makers who have deleted this particular post from my blog. Could it be the ULFA or Bodo militants who don’t like someone writing about them. Especially since I had written that it is only a matter of time when these insurgents would be either killed by the security forces or they will give up and start leading normal lives.  The fact that these militants are internet savvy and don’t like criticism or any writing against them makes me wonder why they want to fight in this kind of a seedy manner.

I have travelled through Assam and found immense poverty and helplessness among the common masses. If these so called militants or liberators are so concerned about their autonomy and etc… they should do something to bring about modern life and prosperity to these common and helpless people. Rather than working towards development of their state, they are indulging in cheap tactics such as hacking blog posts and similar stuff.

If they didn’t like what I wrote they could have left comments like one Mr. SC Das who had commented on the blog. I would have openly accepted both criticism and praise for my blog. But deleting the post was in very bad taste and shows how cheap they are.



  1. dear,
    if the milliants had an idea of what to do to do away with poverty than i guess they wouldnot hav taken up arms in the first place!! it is because they feel neglected by the political establishment and it is because they have been deprieved of basic human rights and exploited that they have taken up arms…glad to know that u hav travelled extensively through assam!! have u evr noticed how the mainland india extracts resources from our land?????hav u ever noticed the fact that assam being more favourable for cultivation than parts of punjab and haryana, green revolution nevr happened there!!! forget green revolution we do not want any token help from the mainland…but DO NOT EXTRACT OUR RESOURCES..WT IS THE NEED TO REFINE OILL FROM ASSAM SOMEWHERE IN BARAUNI??? refine it in assam..this will atleast give a few hundred employments…

    well offcourse if u r well read u will blame floods…but then do u realise that flood in north bank of brahmaputra happens mostly cos of the faulty planning of railways and the national highways??

    as u claim to hav travelled extensively through assam …u must offcourse hav realised the problem of influx!!! did u see that the demographyis changing and we r being marginalised in our own land??? did u evr notice that this problem has been gifted to us by one of ur main political parties??

    u hav blamed the millitants for not doing enough to alleviate poverty!!! so do u agree with us that the government will nevr do anything..for ur statement implies that, thats y u putin the onus for poverty aleviation on the millitants.

    what kind of photos wer they?? can there be a more grieveing photo,than that of burnt villages…that too by state machineries!!

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