Posted by: Sahasi | June 29, 2008

My visit to UAE (continued)

I blogged about dune bashing and posted couple of pictures of my dune bashing experience in Hatta, Dubai. Since I don’t have a camera on hand right now I thought I’d as well post some nice pictures of my past travels. So here you go… In this post I will try to give you all a sneak preview about Al Ain, the garden city of the gulf. This city sited in the border of UAE and Oman in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is one of the few regions in the Arabian desert blessed with reasonable amount of ground water resources. The Jebel Hafit Mountains bordering Al Ain present an imposing and craggy picture as they reach out into the sky.

The natural hot springs in a valley in Al Ain is a very popular picnic spot and is thronged by several holiday makers during weekends. By weekend I mean Thursday and Friday, because UAE being an Islamic nation starts the week on Saturday. Anyway here are some pictures of Al Ain for you to see and comment on:

Ostrichs in a farm enroute Al Ain
Ostrich farm

Road through Jebel Hafit Mountains
Road through Jebel Hafit Mountains, it is a beautiful drive

Jebel Hafit Mountains in Al Ain
Jebel Hafit Mountains, Majestic and beautiful



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