Posted by: Sahasi | June 20, 2008

Remembering India!

Living in a foreign country for long periods of time makes one feel strange. Suddenly I miss the very things that irritated me in my country, inquisitive people, noise, vibrant colours, orderly disorder that is so characteristic of India. Anyway I was going through the memories of my country I have stored in my pendrive and thought I’d post them online in this blog. Now that I don’t have a camera at disposal and have to wait until I make money to buy a camera or some good samaritan lends me one. Here are some of my favourite places in India.

Old fort in Devanahalli
Devanahalli Fort

Gokak Falls, India\'s Niagara
Gokak Falls in Karnataka is beautiful

Gokarna a beautiful beach pilgrim location
Sunset at Gokarna

Massive sculptures in Veerahbadreswara temple, Lepakshi
Sculpture of Serpant and Lord Shiva in Lepakshi

These beautifully designed pillars are every art lovers delight
Intricately carved temple pillars at Lepakshi



  1. Beautiful ……….Photos

  2. good and b full works

  3. Lovely pictures. Hope by this time you might have earned enough not only to buy a camera but a vehicle for yourself. God bless you.

  4. Anyone know if it is possible to register an iphone with more than one PC for music and apps purposes? I would like to sync my iphone with a laptop I am currently using but already registered on another computer at the family home. Also can I transfer all current music etc from my iphone onto new laptop or will I lose it all……? Thanks in advance.

  5. hai how r u

  6. The computer that had all my songs and 1000 photos that are on my iphone now crashed. I lost all my songs but all my pics are still on my iphone. I need to know an easy, free way of getting them off so i can resync my iphone with the computer im using now.

  7. very best and looking attractived photograph

  8. remembering india is best

  9. amaging ……….

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