Posted by: Sahasi | June 12, 2008

Pictures of Texas: The Lone Star State

Texas the second largest state in terms of geographical area is often dismissed as a region with flat terrain, full of gun-toting, cigar-smoking cowboys. While it is largely true, there are several different aspects to this vast state which prides itself as being the region with <b>most friendly people</a> and the state with lowest cost of living etc. Well there are several attractions in this state which has been my home since the past little over 6 months. Here are some of the better pictures I have captured during this period.

white-rock-lake - one of the most beautiful water bodies in DFW metroplex

This museum is located in austin and is very informative about the military history of Texas
This lake is huge, it is actually a dam built across river Colorado

Lone star insignia of Texas, proudly displayed in front of Texas History Museum, Austin

Wild Flowers of Texas

Lake in Castle Hills community in Dallas area

Clear blue skies and myriad cloud formations are a common sight in Texas

Large churches such as this can be seen everywhere in the state

Dallas area is full of parks such as this one

Tex-Mex cafes are a common sight all over the state

Artificial waterfalls in downtown dallas

Iron wire mesh horses in front of a ranch

Grapevine lake looks more like an ocean than a lake


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