Posted by: Sahasi | June 4, 2008

Road Kill!

The memorial day weekend was the first time I drove outside Texas… or rather I should say I drove outside of DFW Metroplex. While the driving experience was not much different, the sights, vistas and surroundings were quite different. As we drove out of DFW on TX-121 and then on US-75 into Oklahoma one thing was a common sight: Road Kills. During the 5-hour road trip from DFW to Cedar Lake on the first day and then from Cedar Lake back to DFW via the scenic route on the second day I must have seen at least 100 animals killed on the road.

Initially as we passed the numerous corpses I felt sad and outraged about the motorists who had killed them, even inadvertantly, but later I decided that I must take pictures and show it to the world. This way some awareness can be developed among motorists who read this blog. The dead animals included small squirrels, Armadillos, rabbits, turtle and even deer, there were other corpses I couldn’t recognise. Look at the pictures and make a resolution that we will drive more carefully in future. If you have anything to say do share it.

Corpse of dead deer rotting with nobody to even give it a decent burial

Long, straight and smooth roads make motorists speed and results in road kills

This turtle was in the middle of the road, I saw it and moved it away from the road

Dead Armadillos…. the maximum number of corpses seen on the road


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