Posted by: Sahasi | May 14, 2008

Spring brings forth colour

The onset of spring has ensured that even the smallest weeds and plants give forth most colourful blossoms. Today as we walked around our neighborhood I chanced upon these colourful flowers which add beauty to the otherwise manicured and quite boring green lawns, which are mowed even on pavements/ sidewalks. It is good that these people have maintained their creeks and streams and not let them disappear in the face of urbanisation. The creeks present a beautiful sight during spring, when water trickles down in the center flanked by lush green grass and flowering plants. Here are pictures of some of the flowers which I tried to capture in my lens.

Beautiful wild flowers blossoming along the pavements

Bright yellow flowers are a joy to behold

Isn’t blue a soothing colour?

Bluer than the sky and beautiful too

Pink flowers in such large clusters never fail to attract attention

Pink flowers swaying in the wind are tricky to capture in the lens

Finally some closer views are possible… but not perfect. I will keep trying throughout the spring



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