Posted by: Sahasi | May 13, 2008

Beautiful Old Cars

Yesterday, by a lucky coincidence I attended the monthly cruise of the Late Great Chevy, a vintage car club of old and antique Chevrolet car owners. This is a monthly event held at Rick’s Famous BBQ in Carrollton, Texas the second Saturday of every month from April to October. For more details of the event, judging process and some pictures visit my blog Discover The World

Here are pictures of the event; click on images to see a larger version:

Antique 2-seater, open engine car Proud owner with his beauty
Toy replica of the large antique car Another Antique 2-seater car
An old time racing machine V-8 again
Equally grand and lovingly restored interiors Look under the bonnet and there is a beauty there too... not a spec of oil or dust... wonder how they maintain these cars so clean?
Another picture of a V-8 engine… this is an open engine car without bonnet, wonder how the cylinder heads are so shiny…

This one definitely takes the cake... a V-8 convertible in the old style


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