Posted by: Sahasi | May 2, 2008

Wild Flowers, Churches and an accident

For the first time since arriving in Dallas, a little over six months ago I travelled about 5 hours in a local bus. I have already blogged that the public transport system in the most US cities is abysmal and quite inadequate. Today was no exception. I started off at 12.15 pm and reached Garland at 2.50 pm. I had to take two buses and match them properly. The bus service is available every one hour only. And if I were to miss one bus then I would be stuck for another hour.

As I walked to the bus stand I stopped to take pictures of a wild flower which was in full bloom.

Wild flowers

Another view of the wild flowers

At Garland I saw a gory accident between two trucks. The cops didn’t allow me to shoot pictures but I captured one proper image of flashing lights.

Accident in Garland

There is this interesting water vending machine in a mall on Josey lane about 5 miles from our home.

Water vending machine


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