Posted by: Sahasi | May 2, 2008

Vistas of Castle Hills

While on an evening walk along the lake in the residential community of Castle hills I saw these refreshingly beautiful sights which I felt I must share with my readers. I hope you enjoy the pictures and leave your feedback/ comments.

Lake in Castle Hills
This is one of the many artificial lakes in the community. But this lake is different from others because this contains only recycled water from residenes. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

A long bridge across a small creek in the community.
A long wooden bridge built for walkers to cross the creek

dead snake

Dead snake - another view
A dead snake thrown into the lawn from the road. Some motorist must have run over the reptile as it was trying to cross the road and then a civic worker would have just thrown it into the grass out of view of passing public

The main lake in castle hills
This, I think is the largest lake in Castle hills community. Well stocked with fish one can see lots of angling enthusiasts fishing along the banks of this lake every evening. Surrounded by green lawns and walking trails it is a great place to walk for exercise


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