Posted by: Sahasi | April 29, 2008

Views captured on I-35-E South

Last week I had the opportunity of driving to Austin as Padma has some official work with the State Government of Texas. This was my third visit to Austin and all of them being by road, in our own car. This is something that always astonishes me in the US. The road network is so good that there could be a great public transport system which has potential of saving millions of dollars in fuel, prevent air pollution. According to the Texas Environment Profiles website air quality problems in the state are very serious and have not met Federal standards for ozone over the last several years. Most of this pollution is from automobile exhausts.

Anyway let us not worry about the pollution and spoil our peace of mind. There are scientists and policy makers who will hopefully work towards a better world. For now let us enjoy the beautiful vistas along the road to Austin. Both man made sights and natural beauty. I hope the pictures as good.

Mega Roads in Texas

There are so many roads at this intersection that one would get lost if you miss an exit

Some people like to carry our world with us, always


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