Posted by: Sahasi | April 24, 2008

Vistas of Fort Worth

The Stockyard Station

Dallas and Forth Worth are twin cities in the US. Just like Bangalore-Mysore, Mumbai-Pune, Delhi-Gurgaon, Hyderabad-Secunderabad etc, in India. The combined areas of Dallas and Fort Worth and their suburbs are known as DFW Metroplex. Though there are numerous airports in the metroplex the biggest one is known as the DFW Airport. Anyway coming back to this post, last weekend we drove down to Fort Worth to take a look at the famed stockyards. This was the place where cattle and horses were bred and transported across the country for meat and other purposes.

Down town area begins here

Today the stockyard area is a bustling historic downtown area known for its old-world charm. There is a heritage railway which runs taking passengers on joy rides through the Stockyard Station. There are shops selling cowboy memorablia and food places, the oldest indoor Rodeo Coliseum etc. It was a pity I had forgotten to carry my camera and ended up shooting pictures in the mobile phone camera and not all of them have come out good.

One thing is for sure, this was not the my last visit to Fort Worth or the historic stockyards. Next time I will get better pictures, for now, enjoy these and leave your feedback.

Pavement marking with the name of the person who sponsored the pavement

True Blue Cowboy statuette

Texans are famous for their love and pride about the long horns

And of course they are proud of their ranch background…



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