Posted by: Sahasi | April 20, 2008

Grapevine Lake/ Reservoir – beautiful Aqua Forte

This morning we decided to head out to Fort Worth and take a look at the famous stockyards aka Cattle breeding center. Enroute we stopped at Grapevine lake and was impressed by the size of the waterbody and the way the entire area has been developed. Numerous groups of young and old, couples, families, groups had all congregated at the lakesides to enjoy the outdoors. Bicycling, barbecuing, fishing, walking etc.

Most of them men were soaking in the sun by being topless. There are several Gazebo’s in the area which provide the much needed shade from the burning sun rays. For the first time we experienced the true heat of Texas. Everything here is Texas size, i.e large and heavy duty. Same with the weather, when winds blow, they take away the roofs, when it rains it floods, when it shines, it burns.

Some pictures shot at Grapevine Lake… do leave your feedback.

Grapevine reservoir is vast and beautiful water place

The catch of one of the people fishing

Gazebo’s provide shade from the harsh sunlight

Bund of Lake Grapevine, construction principles of reservoir are strikingly similar to those employed in India

The fantastic tank bund road of Grapevine lake

Gaylord Texan one of the most upscape resort/ entertainment centers in the area



  1. I’ve grown up here, and it’s awesome. Great to hear you think so, too!

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