Posted by: Sahasi | April 17, 2008

Mega Roads in Texas

This is a picture I shot at one of the multi-layered fly overs near our home. We were driving on I-35 East North towards Dallas. This picture shows how the massive roads have been built in different levels. We were on the second level, i.e there was one road below us, two parallel to us and two levels above there are roads leading to all directions. Despite this kind of infrastructure I am apalled that there doesn’t exist a half-decent public transport system. I wonder why? That could save millions of barrels of petrol, curb pollution to a great extent and save thousands of dollars for common people.

Maybe common people in America don’t want to use public transport? I am pretty sure most Americans wouldn’t have seen the inside of a public transport bus or train. Anyway it is their way of life, I hope I wont become like that.



  1. Thanks Dharma for the insightful observation. I agree with you. In my opinion bane of American is the lack of a decent public transport system. If that were to be in place I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be such a scramble for gasoline.

  2. “save millions of barrels of petrol”

    Keep in mind we are talking about Texas, as in the birthplace of Texaco and other major oil companies.

    I believe that people would be more likely to use public transportation if it could get them where they want to go in a reasonable amount of time.

    I used our bus system in Phoenix, AZ when I worked downtown. But when I changed jobs and worked on the other side of town, my commute would have taken 2-3 hours each way. Not practical!

    They are currently building a “light rail” here in Phoenix, which will be nothing but a glorified electric trolley that only goes a few miles and does so very slowly.

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