Posted by: Sahasi | April 10, 2008

English at its best :)

When a person who is not suitably educated in the nuances of English writes an advertising copy it could end up being quite funny and attract lot of interest. Here is a picture which was forwarded to me by a friend. Obviously the writer of this message has written in his own English… that is the beauty of an arbitrary language. Anybody can use it any way…. couple of decades down the line this may be the norm.



  1. Really instills confidence, doesn’t it?

    I have one of those automated kitty litter box. It works remarkably well, especially with the specialized formula of kitty litter.

    Of course, the label on these special bags of litter proudly describes it as “Premiun Kitty Litter”. The word premium was misspelled.

    I figured the product was manufactured in some non-English speaking country in Asia or Central America. But no, it was made in the good ol’ USA.

    We’ve been using it for a while and no one has corrected the packaging. It’s really sad.

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