Posted by: Sahasi | April 6, 2008

Passenger View pictures get published!

The objective of this blog is to showcase the sights I see during my numerous short and long daily journeys. But it is definitely heartening to note that people are watching and noticing my efforts to capture the local day-to-day sights of the city I live in. Sometime ago I received a mail from the editor of Dallas Morning News‘ supplement Neighbors Go, saying that they would be interested in publishing some of my pictures. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but nevertheless I sent high-resolution files of the pictures I had shot in and around Carrollton and began to wait.

And yesterday’s paper brought me pleasant surprise. My own picture was hogging complete space of the cover page of Neighbors Go and there was a glowing tribute to my efforts in the editorial. A total of five pictures were featured across two pages in the paper. Take a look and give me your feedback.

This the cover page of Neighbors Go supplement of yesterday’s Dallas Morning News. Limited circulation only in the three cities of Carrollton, Addison and Farmers Branch.

Yesterday’s editorial spoke about photographs and memories and linked my cover feature to it.

Pictures I had uploaded on my blog and submitted to the paper.

More pictures of Carrollton and surroundings which captured the attention of the editors of Dallas Morning News.



  1. congrats…

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. All your photos make it come alive.
    Thank you!

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