Posted by: Sahasi | April 3, 2008

Miscellaneous road views

Like I wrote earlier, my camera has been out of action for sometime now. I have bought the batteries but need to install them and start clicking. Till then I will be digging into my old pictures of the road and posting them on line. I am sure you will enjoy the same. Here are some pictures I shot during my first road trip from Los Angeles to Dallas.

School bus belonging to the Flagstaff Independent School District. Most school buses in America are similar to look at.

One of the narrower roads in Arizona state. Great quality of surface and excellent road and lane markings.

Excellent roads of Arizona and California.

A picture taken moments after the sunset and the moon rise.



  1. Now that’s just cruel, posting those pictures of beautiful roads when here in Bangalore I can’t go three feet without meeting a friendly pot-hole.

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