Posted by: Sahasi | April 1, 2008

Old Pictures of Dallas

Since the batteries in our camera went dead about a week ago I haven’t done any new photography. I will be back in action with the camera tomorrow onwards. Till then I thought these old pictures are well worth sharing.

My first and longest drive in the US was when we travelled from Los Angeles to Dallas in October 2007. As we neared Dallas, people were getting to celebrate the festival of devil worship, Halloween (also spelt as Holloween). This is a festival when people carve out pumpkins to look like faces, kids dress up like zombies, ghosts, vampires etc and go ‘trick or treating’ to strangers homes and get rewarded with candies, sweets, toffees etc. So the pumpkins and vegetables you see in these pictures are grown for decoration and not food. Moreover they are so hard and feel like rubber or epoxy resin, I don’t think it would be possible to eat them.

We stopped at a rural location where a farming family had harvested their pumpkin patch and were trying to sell these inedible vegetables to Haloween revellers.

Pumpkins, Chillies and other similar veggies bunched and displayed… not for eating, only for decoration

Pumpkins harvested and ready for sale.

These are smaller ones, rock hard and I am pretty sure inedible

Some more varieties of the Halloween vegetable.


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