Posted by: Sahasi | March 26, 2008

An interesting newsreport

I have interacted with several Indians who adore nations of the west, especially America. The first and foremost point they speak about the country is how clean and neat it is. The impression they create by their talk is as if American roads are as sanitised as operation theatres. But it is not so. The sheer geographical size and miniscule population is what ensures that the country “appears” clean and litter free. But given a chance people across the world are the same “Litter bugs”. Indian with its billion plus people and 20 percent of America’s land area produces relatively less waste. I would like to let the scanned image of today’s Dallas Morning News speak for itself.

Apart from this newsreport, I have shot several pictures of trash on roads, in parks, along rivers and creeks, gardens, plastic covers carried in the wind, hanging to trees etc. I am afraid to think what the future will look like with so much plastic waste floating around this country. The pictures below were shot in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. The creeks are full of plastic and other non-bio-degradable wastes.



  1. hi,
    garbage is such a big problem, as well here. the big river in manila is used to be very clean but now is too dirty coz of the garbages. too bad that 90% of the people are not aware of it and not concern about it.

  2. Here in America thet local government will fine you if you are creating litter. Litter still happens and sometimes no one is caught. But as you say America is large and that masks part of the problem. A good portion is wildreness and it hasn’t been built up. I expect that to change especially since our current president made it easier for companies to take our homes which are a lot of times in the wilderness. This hasn’t happened to anyone I personally know but a whole neighbor hood is about to be torn down to support a drug store and the people of the neighborhood have no choice. With the new drugstore I expect more litter.

  3. @ Preethi,
    Thanks for the comment. I am not making any empty claims… there is enough proof for the whole world to see. If you choose to ignore… it is upto you.

  4. mmmm…… I’m not so sure…. cos i see that people here as in people in the US take care to find trash cans to throw stuff, generally, they are more hygiene conscious than we are. But the vast land definitely helps and our land size is a deterrent….. but nice job though with the pics et al…..

  5. glad someone is doing this

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