Posted by: Sahasi | March 19, 2008

Carrollton and McKinney

Recently I had gone to McKinney a small city in the Dallas area about 20 miles from our home. Here are some pictures I shot during that outing. Like the rest of the US I have seen the roads and great but somethings I see along the road is surprising and even downright shocking. Look at the pictures and you will know.

I saw this sight very close to our home. A train loaded with war machines; i.e. military equipment including tanks, huge trucks, ambulances, armoured vehicles etc. Wonder where they are being transported to, Iraq, Afghanistan? or to the testing location near San Antonio in southern Texas?

Large water tanks such as the one in the picture supply water to the teeming cities in the US. Every city has a trademark shape and style of watertanks.

An old barn/ work shed located in what once used to be a farm/ ranch. Today the land has been put up for sale and the building will be demolished when the new owners take over.

This is the court of the city of McKinney. But like most government offices elsewhere in the world, nobody seems to be bothered about maintenance. The T of Courthouse has fallen off and judicial proceedings go on inside. Will the concerned authorities do justice to the building first?


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