Posted by: Sahasi | March 17, 2008

Snow in Texas

Texas is known for its crazy weather. In November-December 2007 when the east coast and higher regions of the US were cold and snowing we had mixed weather. It was bright, warm and sunny one day and cold, foggy and raining the other. Months have passed and as we approach spring, there was this sudden instances of snowfall. Thick fluffy of snow covering up cars, lawns, roofs with a carpet of white. Here are some pictures of snowed out Carrollton neighborhoods, vehicles and lawns.

View of the green belt and homes behind our apartment.

This SUV was almost completely covered by snow, not quite submerged but enough snow to cause inconvenience.

The apartment lawn and buildings completely covered by a carpet of snow.

The roads were cleaned up before vehicles started plying. That is a good thing about America, the road gets cleared so people can go about their life.

Feeling curious I visited the iron horses in Plano again and guess what, they were grazing on snow-covered grass… or should I say “grass flavoured ice-cream”.



  1. iron horses pic is looking awesome 🙂

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