Posted by: Sahasi | March 15, 2008

Austin, Capital city of Texas

Couple of days after returning from California, we had to travel to Austin, the capital city of Texas. Padma was delivering a talk on Outsourcing in a seminar organised by RISE-Austin at the Capitol Building. A series of seminars on various topics useful to entrepreneurs had been organised at numerous locations in the city of Austin. Padma’s talk was at one of the several small conference rooms in the Capitol Building, which is the seat of the state government of Texas.

Austin is a much smaller city than Dallas and is characterised by narrow roads, traffic snarls and crowded side walks. This was my second visit to Austin and to the Capitol building also. This time I got the biggest shock since arriving in the US. The entire city was strewn with dog shit, including the lawns and walkways inside the Capitol premises. The place stank of dog shit and we had to exercise utmost care while walking to avoid dog shit. I wonder what was happening at Austin on that day, because I hadn’t noticed this during my previous visit to the city.

Here are some pictures I shot during the journey to Austin and in the city.

A beautiful clear blue sky with clouds looked attractive, the picture came out pretty good.

Another view, zoomed in, just of the clouds.. looks like a DNA helix in my opinion. What do you think? The spots on the picture are from dust on the wind shield.

A biker merrily riding his steed (Harley) on the highway, waiting to be like that. Hope the day comes soon…..

Front view of the majestic Capitol building. I have uploaded more pictures on my other blog.

Texans are very proud of their state and the insignia (Lone Star). The Lone Star is everywhere, on window grills, furniture, vehicles, floor etc.

A scared baby squirrel on one of the trees in Texas Capitol grounds.

Dog shit everywhere, including walking paths inside the Capitol building premises.


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