Posted by: Sahasi | March 14, 2008

Last views of California

These pictures were shot as we returned from San Jose to Los Angeles. Since we drove in the afternoon, we had some time on hand to stop and take some pictures.

The road is every roadster’s delight. Flanked by beautiful hills and offering panoramic vistas of lush greenery, highway 5 is one of the most scenic roads I have been on in this vast country.

Hills and rocks which invite one to climb and explore are just a stone’s throw away from the highway.

We stopped at couple of places including at the San Luis Reservoir. This is a really big waterbody. But there have been increasing fears that this would go dry soon. The receding water level is obvious in this picture. It is scary to see such huge storage reservoirs going dry. Hundreds of thousands of people and millions of acres of farm land depend on this water for survival. I wonder what this will look like 10 years down the road.

I am disturbed to see so much graffiti, even in natural places like the hilly regions around San Luis Reservoir. I wonder what kind of people do such things. Don’t they know that this mars the natural beauty? Can’t they put their energies into better/ productive use?

There is such a good waste disposal system in this country and yet, there are people who don’t believe in throwing their trash in bins. They just want to get it out of their cars, so what if it littering the pristine damsite or the parking lot alongside.


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