Posted by: Sahasi | March 9, 2008

Street Views of San Franscisco

There are some pictures shot from the bus when I travelled alone in San Franscisco. The city is crowded and characterised by narrow roads, chaotic traffic, dust and dirt everywhere and lots and lots of people. It was like going back to India for me. Except for the fact that the public transport system is very good and there are no street hawkers bothering walking public to buy stuff or beggers seeking alms. But there are beggers… here they are referred to as pan-handlers who are seeking “help” “handouts” “loose change” etc.
Guess what I saw in the parking lot of the Caltrain station? a gleaming blue Bajaj Legend scooter proudly standing amidst numerous big and small scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. Couldn’t resist taking a picture. And of course take a look at the graffiti and the dust, oil slick and trash around the place.
Common sight in San Franscisco, plastic covers blowing across the traffic-choked streets.

As I travelled through China Town of San Franscisco I wondered whether I have landed up in Mainland China.



  1. Well… I love Chinese food… but only vegetarian. In San Franscisco, I could not find anything veggie so I had to content myself with Chinese fruits (Fuji Apples to be precise)

  2. Did you had that real good Chinese food too? Not the commercial food what we know normally. I loved to travel SF very much!

    Thanks for commenting and I like your blogs.

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