Posted by: Sahasi | March 7, 2008

Enroute Redwood Forest

While in California we visited Redwood forest which has trees over 500 ft tall standing on 70-80 ft trunks. Some of the pictures shot on the way to this unique forest. The forest is sited near the Saratoga village.
This is a fire station sited near the Saratoga village. I doubt even if big cities in India have such an impressive looking fire station.
Like I mentioned earlier, Saratoga and most other villages have infrastructure comparable to any city. Perhaps better than some tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India. I wonder when our country will grow and prosper like this.
After Saratoga village the road passes through beautiful forests and mountains. The narrow roads, steep gradient and sharp turns reminded me of Indian hill stations which have similar road infrastructure. The beauty of this stretch is that the tall trees effectively prevent suns rays from touching the road.
At the entrance of Big Basin Redwoods State Park.



  1. Nice pic on the page header.

    About the redwoods – yeah … the trunks can be up into the 70 – 80 foot range for circumference.

    The largest 6 or 7 known coast redwoods are basically a secret for location.

    This page shows several of the top 5 coastal redwoods:

    If you use Album 3 or Album 2 – even some in album 1, there are larger photos.

    In slideshow, look for the tiny text “original” or large, underneath the frame.


    M. D. Vaden of Oregon

  2. Hey, I don’t know what you mean by “swap links”. Do you mean putting URL of my blog in yours and the other way?

  3. Hey Sahasi, your blog is pretty interesting. Trekking and traveling is the one thing I want to ore and more in my life. I see that I have a lot more to explore in my life.

    Keep up the Good Spirit.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Do visit again.

    –Deepu George V

  4. 500 ft ? I must say Wow !!! thanks for sharing the information.

    B4n n keep rocking

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