Posted by: Sahasi | February 29, 2008

Los Angeles airport to Pasadena

Last week we visited California. We flew from Dallas to Los Angeles and then travelled around in a rental car. Here are some of the pictures shot in Los Angeles area.

Beautiful palm trees swaying to the breeze on street intersections, no wonder this is the world’s glamour capital.
The other side of Hollywood
Los Angeles hosts Hollywood and belong’s to America’s most prosperous state of California. But like every other city in the world this has its downsides. Graffiti is seen everywhere, trash abounds along highways and mainroads. Here are some pictures I shot of the Graffiti and Trash. For those of us in India who were led to believe that America is as clean as a operation theatre, this comes as a shock.



  1. Well.. most Indians are so enamoured by the glamour of America, they overlook these things. I wanted to show that behind America’s slivery sheen there are numerous dark spots… so that blind adulation of America doesn’t happen..

  2. Glad that someone is pointing these out

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