Posted by: Sahasi | February 25, 2008

First blogpost

View of Plano Parkway
This picture was shot while travelling on “Plano Parkway” on Sunday, February 17, 2008. I welcome to check this blog everyday to see where all I have been to and what are the numerous sights I have seen.

I decided to start this blog out of boredom of sitting idly in the passenger seat of the car. I am still not comfortable enough to drive on the big roads of America and the fact that I don’t have a local license and suitable insurance makes it even tougher to convince Padma to let me drive.

It can be quite boring to sit idly and be driven around anywhere and everywhere you have to go. Moreover when there is not much too see around it gets even boring. There are the same cars, the same roads and the most boring part is that in America housing and buildings are strikingly monotonous. There are set government codes and all buildings look more or less similar. Add to that all cars come hurtling down the road as if they are driving a pregnant woman to the maternity home. So the boredom came to the point that I would yawn the moment I strapped myself onto the car and heard the purr of the engine.

In a bid to drive away this boredom I decided to start capturing the images of whatever I see on the road. Something that is not monotonous and things that one would not expect in the US. So here I am posting some of the pictures shot on my numerous travels in the car.


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